About Catapult Opera

The New Chamber Opera Production Company

Catapult Opera is a new American production company dedicated to bringing the intimacy and power of chamber opera to audiences across the United States and beyond. Led by Neal Goren, the internationally-acclaimed founding artistic director of Gotham Chamber Opera, Catapult Opera offers opera companies and orchestras throughout the U.S. an extraordinary opportunity to diversify their programming and expand their audience base by presenting productions of unmatched quality at costs far lower than could be achieved alone. 

With an unparalleled breadth of knowledge and experience, Goren has developed an international reputation for mounting bold, imaginative productions of exquisite, seldom-heard masterworks from the chamber opera repertoire. Each season will offer two chamber operas spanning repertoire from the 17th century to the present. Exceptionally talented singers, directors, and designers from New York and beyond will be selected and trained by Goren to ensure top-quality performances worthy of your institution and your audience.

Productions will rehearse and premiere under the auspices of Peak Performances at Montclair State University and then be available for touring. An associate director/stage manager, tour manager, and lighting designer will arrive with the cast to adapt the production to your local venue, while Goren rehearses your orchestra. Local residency will be kept to a minimum in order to ensure cost efficiency.

Integral to Catapult Opera’s mission is the belief that Opera is a space of inclusion and acceptance. Because of this, Catapult will endeavor to promote gender, racial, and cultural diversity in all aspects of their casting, production, and administration. 

Catapult Opera promises to emerge as a vital force on the American cultural scene – giving new audiences access to sung stories presented on a human scale, and energizing the programming of opera companies nationwide. 

Catapult Opera is so named because the world’s leading talent is catapulted into Montclair and then to your community. 

For more information, please contact Neal Goren at 212-568-8101 or or Marcus Shields at

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